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                 Doc's Varieties

This is a comprehensive list of lilac varieties and can be used as a reference. You can purchase many of these varieties from this site or at our nursery.  Due to limited supplier production, not all varieties are available this season. For those varieties not available, Doc can provide a similar lilac that you may find to be an acceptable alternative.

Key: S-starter; P-3-4" pot; 1-1 gallon; 3-3 gallon; 5-5 gallon        

Name (A-Z) Color Approx. Ht / Shape Doc's Remarks  
Adelaide Dunbar   Double Purple w/ white
in center
10' A Classic. See at pansy bed at Highland Park.
(Alternatives: Flower City or Albert Holden)
Agincourt Beauty  Deep dark single purple 10'  Very large florets; sells out early Not
gness Smith    Single, Pearly White 8' Very late bloomer Not
Alba  Single White 12'  Vigorous upright grower; also known as Common White or "Old fashion white" (Alternatives: most single whites) Not
Albert Holden Single Purple w/ silver underside 7' Reminds some of 'Sensation' and 'Flower City'


Alvan R. Grant Red / purple buds open to purple 8' Named for late Supt. of Parks, Monroe County
(Alternatives: Franks Fancy or Yankee Doodle)
Angel White  Single white w/ recurved petals 10' Highly rated; Try in warmer climates 1 Gallon|3 Gallon
Anna Amhoff Unique color combination 8' Late, single. Pink tips, white base. 1 gallon
Annabel  Double pink, early bloom 6'-9'  Mixture of dark, light pinks; ultra fragrant 3 gallon
Arch McKean  Single dark magenta fades to puple centers  8'-10'  Large flowers, large petals; one of Fiala's finest 1 gallon|3 gallon
Assessippi Single Lavender 10' Very early, abundant flowers
(Alternatives: Excel)
Atheline Wilbur Semi-double; orchid-rose violet 10' Unique color combo 1 gallon|3 gallon
Aucubaefolia  Double blue, lilac  8'-10' Unique, variegated leaf of gold, green Not
Avalanche Single white 8-10' Very fragrant; robust grower; try in south |
Beauty of Moscow  Rose buds, pink to white double flowers 10'-12', can train to small tree Doc's All-Time Favorite, Very Fragrant |
Belle De Nancy  Double pink 10'  Nicely formed; rosy florets w/ lighter centers; Old favorite! |
Betsy Ross Single, White 8'-10' New for warm climates |
Blanche Sweet Single whitish-blue, tinge of pink 8' Early; Unique color range, try in warm climates Not
Bloomerang Reddish Purple, fading 4'-5' Projected all-time best seller; re-blooms summer-frost |
Burgundy Queen   Single, very dark purple 8'-10'  New variety; Roundish flowers like hydrangeas; EXCITING! **Only a few available
California Rose Single. Clear, light pink 8' Good in warmer climates (Alternative: Sylvan Beauty) Not
Charles Joly   Double, dark purple  8'-10' narrow, upright  Long lasting flowers; Robust; A Must See! |
Charles Lindbergh Single, violet-blue  7'-8' Unusual color Not
Chinese Lilac Single, magenta 10'-12' Smaller leaves; best for hedges Not
Common Lilac   Classic lavender purple 10'-12'   Old fashioned, very fragrant lilac |
Common White      **See "Alba"** See Alba 
Congo  Single purple w/ wine-red  10'-12' Dependable, long time favorite; very fragrant Not
Dark Night   Lavender w/ some dark purple  Unsure For warm climates
Declaration Single magenta; purple 8'-10' For warm climates; upright fast grower
Donald Wyman   Single, purple 6'-8' Different foliage, aroma; darkest of late- bloomers 3 gallon
Duc De Massa   Double Blue 10'-12'   Among Lemoine's finest!
(Alternatives: President Grevy)
Dwight D. Eisenhower   Multi-petal, powder blue 8' Huge flowers; a bouquet "must" Not
Edith Cavell  Double white 10'-12' Old favorite; parent of the famous 'Rochester'
(Alternatives: Monique Lemoine)
Edward J. Gardner   Double pink, dark purple buds 10'-12' Two-toned appearance
(Alternatives: Belle De Nancy, Annabel)
3 gallon
Ellen Willmott   Double white 10'-12'  round Dependable bloomer; forms nice round shrub
(Alternatives: Mme. Lemoine)
Esther Staley   Magenta opening to pink  12'-15'  Early, heavy bloomer. Tall, dependable 1 gallon
Etna  Single dk. purple  10'-12' Very dark; great bouquet choice. 1 gallon
Evangeline  Double, pink-magenta  8'-10' Very early; extremely fragrant.

1 gallon

Excel   Single, lilac purple 8'-10' Large flower spikes; early bloomer, good in warmer climates |
Fiala Remembrance Double, creamy flowers turn white 8' Large, individual florets |
Flower City   Single, multi petaled, violet-purple 8' Named for Rochester, N.Y.; Silver underside appears frosted; Stunning!  1 gallon|
Frank's Fancy Single dk. purple 10'-12' New; Dark & Robust 1 gallon|
Frederick Douglas  Single purple-violet buds open to multi-petaled blue 8'  Named for Rochester's famous black abolitionist
Frederick Law Olmstead   Single white flowers 6'-8' compact  Looks like huge mounds of cotton from a distance; flowers completely cover plant |
General Sherman  Single pink fades to white 10'-12' Father Fiala says "Dunbar's finest"; rare, unusual look (Alternatives: Any single pink)  Not
George Eastman Single only reddish lilac 6'-8' Small flowers, small leaves; subtle contrast in bouquets; long flower heads |
Halleluja   Single dk purple  10'-12'  Rare collector's item (Alternatives: Charles Joly, Margaret Fenicchia, Congo, Znamya Lenina or Bergundy Queen) Not
Hers Single lavender 5'-6' tall, 8' wide Arching, weeping, rare; small flowers, foliage; train to weep; can cover ground 1 gallon
James MacFarlane Single pink  8' Upright, somewhat pyramidal; late bloomer 1 gallon
Japanese Tree Lilac  Creamy-white 20'-25'  Large flowers; smooth, shiny bark; blooms June-July 1 gallon
John F. Kennedy  Double white  8'-10' (Alternatives: Mme Lemoine, Monique Lemoine) Not
Josee ™ Deep rose single flowers 4'-6' Reblooms summer, fall; (Alternatives: Bloomerang, Little Leaf)  |
Katherine Havemeyer Double, lavender-pink 8'-10' Trendy variety (Alternatives: Belle de Nancy, Beauty of Moscow) Not
Korean Lilac  Single purple buds; lavender flowers  5'-6' Compact beauty! Very fragrant, ideal hedge 1 gallon|3 gallon|
Kras Moskvy **See "Beauty of Moscow"**
Lavender Lady  Single Lavender 10' Classic, robust and fragrant; also for warm climates

3 gallon

Lace Leaf  Single magenta, lavender 8'-10'   Lacey, cut leaves; Open, arching habit
**Pre-order for 2014**
Lilac Sunday Single, light purple 10' tall, 12' wide  Arching, willowy; 2' long flowers; Good hedge Not
Little Boy Blue  Single blue flowers 4'-6' Also called Wonderblue; compact for small spaces & containers (Few available for 2014)
1 gallon|
Little-Leaf Lilac Single magenta buds, lavender-pink flowers 6'-7' Very fragrant; Re-blooms twice at Docs!
(Alternative: Bloomerang)
1 gallon
L'Oncle Tom Single dk. purple   8'-10' Dense, formal flowers and plant shape (Alternatives: Any single dark purple) Not
Lucie Baltet  Single coppery-pink 6'-8' Unique color-easily managed  Not
Ludwig Spaeth  Very dark Purple 10'-12'  Great contrast in bouquets; long flower heads 1 gallon|3 gallon
Macrostachya  Single pink 8'-10' (Alternatives: Marie Frances) Not
Maidens Blush   Bright pink, fade soft pink  6'-8' Hydrangea-like flowers, very early; spicy fragrance 1 gallon|3 gallon
Margaret Fenicchia Reddish buds open purple-violet 8'-10' Named for famous propagator's wife, Striking!
Marie Frances Single salmon-pink 6'-8' Compact, a stand-out pink (similar to Lucie Baltet) Not
Martha Stewart Sgl blue-violet 8' Robust heavy bloomer; large flowers 1 gallon|3 gallon
Miss Canada  Sgl hot pink fades to soft pink 6'-7' Poodle-shaped flowers; lateral, unique branching; Late bloomer 1 gallon
Miss Ellen Willmott Dbl, white 10' Popular since 1903; very large florets
(Alternatives: Mme. Lemoine, Monique Lemoine)
3 gallon
Miss Kim  Single magenta buds to icy-blue florets  6'-7' Compact, very fragrant. Landscape favorite! Southern bloomer. 1 gallon|3 gallon|
Mme. Lemoine  Double, white 10'-12' Very dependable; very fragrant; old favorite 1 gallon|3 gallon
Monge  Single dark purple 10' Best selling purple at Rochester Lilac Festival. 1 gallon|3 gallon|
Mrs. W.E. Marshall  Sgl, eggplant purple 8' Slow-grower. Always sells out. 1 gallon
Mt. Baker  Sgl white 10'-12'  Early, very fragrant bloomer; fall colors in leaves |
Nadezhda -or- "Hope"  Dbl purple buds open to light blue 8'-10'  Strong grower; Doc's best blue!  (Alternatives: President Grevy)
Nancy Reagan Dbl violet   10'-12' As lovely as namesake; very hardy, heavy bloomer
Old Glory New blue unsure Touted for warm climates
Ostrander  Dbl purple two-toned 10'-12'  Unique color; Rare (Alternatives: Royal Purple) See Alt.
Paul Thirion  Dbl magenta-purple w/ silvery eye center 10' Robust, dependable 1 gallon|3 gallon
Pocahontas  Purple, some violet 10'-12'  Early bloomer; loose plant habit 1 gallon
Prairie Petite  Single light purple 3'-4' compact New! Flowers when young.  Southern bloomer 1 gallon
President Grevy  Double starry-blue 10' Dependable, old favorite Not
President Lincoln  Dunbar's blue-est single 12' Great hedge Robust; large flowers, large leaves 1 gallon|3 gallon
Primrose  Single yellow 8' Light green leaves; light color deepens w/ maturity 1 gallon|3 gallon
Red Pixie Single, soft red 4'-6' Similar to Korean, compact, late bloomer Not
Rochester  Single white 6-8' tall, 6-8' wide
 Thick, glossy leaves; Rigid, upright growth; blossoms like candelabras; Very unique, rare (Few available for 2014) Not
Royal Purple Double, purple  8'-10'  True royalty color; vase-shaped, neat form; early bloomer


Ruhm Von Horstenstein  Single Magenta 8'-10'  Early bloomer; A fast grower Not
Sarah Sands  Single deep red-purple, rimmed lighter 8-10' "Stop your golf cart - what is that one?!"
(Alternatives: Charles Joly, Yankee Doodle, Albert Holden)
Sensation   Purple flowers with white margins (only bi-color) 12'-15' if unpruned   Robust, tall; Dynamic in bouquets! Our best seller. 1 gallon|3 gallon|
Sesquicentennial Single, violet 10' Very heavy crops of large flowers; Fragrant 1 gallon
Silver King  Whitish, silvery w/ some pink and blue  10'-12'  Extremely fragrant; extra lg flower clusters
(Alternatives: Blanche Sweet)
Souvenir D'Mme.
Louis Gielis 
Single white  10'  Heavy bloomer; starry white flowers
(Alternatives: Common White, Mt. Baker)
Sweetheart Single Pink & White  8'-10' Dazzling! For your sweetheart. 1 gallon
Sylvan Beauty Single Pink  10'-12' For warmer climates also; robust; Our lightest pink Not
Tinkerbelle  Single, reddish buds open to hot pink 5'-6' Compact eye-catcher 1 gallon|3 gallon
Triste Barbaro   Dk purple 8'  Hard to get; Festival show-stopper
(Alternatives: Mrs. W. E. Marshall, Congo)
 See Alt.
Vesper Song Single, dark violet 6'-8' Subtle, open flowers; looking two-toned; bronze foliage 1 gallon|3 gallon
Wedgwood Blue  Single pink buds open blue  6'-7' Semi-dwarf; neat, tidy plant; very popular 3 gallon|
Wonderblue **     **See Little Boy Blue**
Yankee Doodle Dark purple 6'-7' Semi-dwarf; Father Fiala's darkest purple with large flowers; Patriotic & Catholic. Buy this one! 1 gallon|
Znamya Lenina  Single, dark magenta-purple 6'-8' Kolesnikov's finest purple! Sells out annually
(Alternatives: Charles Joly, Yankee Doodle)
See alt.

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